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Hi! I’m Lucy, I own and run Tulastra Studio.

I spent 20 years running a successful jewellery brand before making the decision in 2024 to choose a new life for myself: those years of small business love + experience have led to the launch of Tulastra Studio.

Tulastra is an evolution of the love I have for graphic design. The range includes prints for your home, mini prints you can carry with you (motivational pull outs for those on-the-go moments where you need some pep in your step), greetings cards (like sendable prints for your best buddies) and candles because, honestly, I love a candle.

But why Tulastra? My doggle, Tula. She's a merle Labrador and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see her goofy face pop up upon occasion because she's my studio roomie. I smooshed her name with Astra, the Latin for star, because I studied Astrophysics at university and the stars will always have my heart.

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Eco friendly packaging
Eco-friendly packaging


My core beliefs is to run Tulastra in a way that is gentle on the planet: that includes being environmentally responsible in how products are made and shipped.

Tulastra Studio is entirely plastic free. Even the film that protects your greetings cards is biodegradable; it's made from corn and potato starch - just pop it in your food waste for recycling or home compost! Likewise, if you order a candle for a gift, it will be packed in a bright pink colour pop of cornstarch packing peanuts! They can be reused, recycled via composting or just dissolve in water.

And on the subject of candles, the Tulastra range of candles are paraben and phthalate free and made with sustainably sourced 100% soy wax. The fragrance and essential oils are vegan and cruelty free and sourced from within the UK.

The prints are only made when you order so zero stock goes to waste. The inks are eco friendly and OEKO-TEX approved which means the inks are not harmful and they contain no nasty toxic chemicals.

I'm committed to doing so much more as Tulastra grows. I want Tulastra Studio to quite literally make the world a better place.

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