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Bespoke Wabi-Sabi Ceramics

As two sisters, we navigate busy lives juggling roles as mothers, professionals, and artists. Above all, we cherish our free-spirited nature.

The inception of the ART LAB project emerged from our quest for Ikigai - purpose and meaning in life. Our fascination with ceramics ignited a few years back, becoming an enduring passion. The act of crafting with our hands elevates our self-belief, fostering confidence, pride, and a profound sense of purpose.

One of the ten Ikigai rules is reconnect with nature. We’ve always were passionate about Japanese culture and art, we love nature, earth, and ceramics. What could be closer to nature than earth shaping?

Drawing inspiration from the natural realm, the ART LAB ceramics embody organic shapes and hues. We want to offer you an experience which will help you to reconnect with nature and restore the balance. Beyond mere functionality, our ceramic creations hold the potential to intertwine with your personal narrative, fostering mindfulness, spirituality, and gratitude.

We take small piece of earth and caress them into offerings to the world. Our items not only serve the purpose but can become part of your life story that leads to mindfulness and spirituality. Clay work is unglamorous, repetitive, technical and humble, but we make things in the spirit of gratitude and joy, honouring nature.

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Brand Philosophy

Honouring Nature

Our perspective aligns with Wabi-Sabi, celebrating the allure found within imperfections of the natural world. It encapsulates the aesthetic of elements that embody qualities of being "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."

People are thirsty for things with soul and meaning, dignity and grace embedded at the core. Especially in times like these, when mass consumption became one of the key threats to our society, it is extremely important to restore the balance of unique items against the mass products.

ART LAB offers not only pots and sculptures, but rather an experience, which will help you to reconnect with nature. A single ceramic piece in your kitchen can make you feel special - drinking coffee from a hand made ceramic piece becomes a ritual that elevates it above a source of energy and gives you a few minutes a day to be mindful, appreciative, and calm.

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  • "The box is truly lovely, it is very fine and presents no flaws despite being handmade. It looks much more like actual stone than I would have thought, it has the same milky but smooth gloss of a black marble bowl I once had, and it could easily be mistaken for stone until inspected closely. Laima was incredibly helpful and answered all my questions promptly and in as much detail as was possible. Shipping was very fast and cheap. A lovely item from an amazing shop."
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  • "Nice solid little tray. Works great as a drip tray for a plant pot"
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  • "Very well made, good fast delivery, no problems with this product"
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  • "Beautiful! Such a lovely addition to our home"
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