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About Me and my biz.

Nostalgic Gourmet Popcorn to make you smile!

Hey, I'm Liz, owner of Uniqucorn and creator of rainbow, sugary goodness. I'm a lover of all things colourful and a complete, self-confessed sugar addict!

I started my indie biz, Uniqucorn, in September 2018 as a little side hustle from my full time job as a Bar Manager, at the time I dreamed and hoped I would be able to take it full time but didn’t actually think that would ever happen.

Then 2020 happened!

We went into Lock down in March, I was put on furlough and was shown how much of life I was missing out on by working a full-time job and running Uniqucorn on the side. Something had to go, so I went full time on my business in September 2020.

My aim is to create something fun, tasty and unique (Unique corn). I want to put a happy smile on people’s faces as they eat my popcorn and create a taste that takes people back to happier time, lodged in nostalgia, with flavours that take you back to your childhood. To remind adults what it was like to be stress free even just for a second of each bite and release their inner child.

A Ladies head with red hair and buried in Rainbow popcorn2 Popcorn make PopcornBig Shelving unit where Uniqucorn is made with popcorn on the shelves and a bright geometric wall behind

About my popcorn.

Vegan and Free from

One of my biggest goals has always been to make Uniqucorn as accessible to as many people who have dietary limitations or preferences as possible, everyone should be able to eat great food that can bring them joy. As a result of this all Uniqucorn flavours are Vegan friendly and free from allergens.

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