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Realigning you with the healing magic of nature through mindful self-care.

Veil of Gaia was founded by herbalist Taran-Nina from a passion to share holistic rituals and remedies for the mind, body & soul. “I grew up around plant medicine. Holistic practice and herbal remedies were passed down by the women in my family and are what birthed my passion for working with Mother Nature. This led me to study herbalism professionally too. With Veil of Gaia, I wanted to create products that emanate slow, intentional, ritual and luxurious plant-based self-care. This way, not only are they concentrated, nourishment for the skin and mind, but our affirmations and energy of aligning with the self is amplified for the soul too. We’ve drawn our inspirations from deep roots, such as ancient herbal practices, Ayurveda, TCM, Ancient Egyptian wisdom and age-old aromatherapy and flower lore. Nature is intentional and graceful, ebbing and flowing at her own pace. It is this energy that I wanted to emulate in our products. They are not just made from nature, but embody it too.”

natural skincare oil infusion with calendula petals and herbs handcrafted wax seal stamping for handmade orderscreating herbal skincare infusions using holistic, ancient methods and remedies
adding lavender to a pillow mist blend

These holistic products are all crafted using a holistic process. Each creation is crafted by hand with love. Most of the flowers we work with are hand-grown, the oils are hand-infused and the natural scents are custom blended. This adds extra intention and mindfulness to the product, with the same amount of care and dedication that would have been utilised hundreds of years ago.

Veil of Gaia has been featured in Vanity Fair, Natural Health Woman and She Rose Magazine.

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