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Vonnybee has worked in Complimentary Medicine for several years assisting people back to health using remedies made from Mother Nature. Whilst living in France she met an apitherapist/apiculturist who taught her the way of the bee and how the products produced by bees in the hive can benefit our health.

Several years ago she became a Beekeeper, and in keeping with the principles of living a chemical free existence, she abstains from using chemicals in the hive, on the bees or in their environment. She follows the Rudolf Steiner Bio-dynamic method of Beekeeping, utilising the harmonious energies of the sun and the moon, treating the hive with homeopathic remedies. All Vonnybee products are free from any harmful chemicals and are made completely naturally.

Bees are her passion and daily she is amazed at how they contribute to life and our existence. They are the most written about creatures on our planet after the human, and if you ever have the opportunity to witness the inside of a beehive (with an experienced bee keeper) you may understand why. Vonnybee also delivers educational workshops to help raise awareness of the importance of bees to our health and environment.

For centuries honey has been used internally to aid digestion and externally for healing wounds, burns and scars.

Vonnybee’s mains products include:

Raw Honey: which is an excellent source of energy and a natural food.

Pollen: bursting with vitamins and minerals and has been known to alleviate the symptoms of hay fever.

Propolis: an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which helps support the immune system.

Bee Butter Balm: a rich nourishing, moisturising and soothing skin balm.

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