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About us

The Hood is a brand on a mission to redesign the world with women in mind. Our products provide support from an early age and all the way through to womanhood.

Launched in early 2020 via Kickstarter, The Hood, is a female-founded British brand on a mission to ‘redesign the world with women in mind’. The Hood is focussed on four main audiences: Girlhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood and Womanhood. Starting at the beginning, The Hood team is working on solutions that empower young girls from an early age through to adulthood with knowledge and community.

Research by YPulse and The Confidence Code for Girls shows the confidence gap between boys and girls starts to widen by as much as 30% between the ages of 8 - 14. It is especially important therefore, to encourage kids to be kind to themselves and to take steps to look after their wellbeing.

Girlhood: The Story, is part-journal, part-guide. Specifically designed to prepare, guide and support girls aged 8 - 14 on their journey into womanhood.

Sisterhood: The Journal is a menstrual cycle guide for adults designed to support women in achieving improved health and happiness outcomes.

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  • "My mum gave me the book and it has helped me stay confident about growing up."
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  • "I purchased this for my daughter and can honestly say it has been absolutely brilliant for her and for me. Over the months, it has allowed her to document her thoughts and feelings, but also answered questions and queries she may have had but might not have felt able to ask. It's become her safe space to just be and that is invaluable. I myself journal when my head gets a little cluttered, Girlhood gives that same freedom to my 13 year old. But most importantly, she feels she's not in this alone"
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  • "A fantastic gift for any young girl to feel empowered whilst making the journey into womanhood. "
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  • "I bought this journal at the beginning of 2021 after becoming acutely aware of my cycle throughout 2020. The book is fantastic at breaking down each stage and explaining the science behind common (and uncommon) menstrual symptoms. It has made me feel more connected with my body"
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Press Comments

"Girlhood: new journal aims to change how girls experience their first period"
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May 2020

"Girlhood: The Story – How To Help, Prepare, Guide, and Support Young Girls Through their Journey into Womanhood"
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May 2020

"We love Sisterhood: The Journal [...] a beautifully designed menstrual cycle guide"
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Jul 2021


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