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Wilfred's Alcohol-Free Aperitif with tonic for the perfect Non-Alcoholic Spritz


Wilfred's - All Spritz and No Alcohol

Awarded "Best Non-Alcoholic Drink" by the 2020 Great British Food Awards, Wilfred's is a complex non-alcoholic aperitif that pairs perfectly with tonic for a 0% bittersweet Spritz.

In search of the perfect non-alcoholic drink that captured all the complexity of the greats but without the alcohol, founder Chris Wilfred Hughes found himself reinventing the Spritz. Flavour and quality were of the utmost importance, and it took over 18 months of experimentation and more than 100 recipes to get Wilfred's just right.

Chris Wilfred sourced botanicals from rare Japanese hibiscus to English rose; but his journey eventually led him back to the flavours he associates most with home in Britain; fresh rosemary from his mother's garden, and bitter oranges from his father's marmalade.

Made in Britain from a carefully crafted blend of natural botanicals, Wilfred's is full of vibrant flavour with its zesty bittersweet orange, aromatic rosemary, clove and just a hint of rhubarb.

Wilfred's Non-Alcoholic Aperitif made with bitter orange and rosemaryChris Wilfred Hughes, Founder of Wilfred'sNatural Botanicals, Wilfred's in Rosemary

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Press Comments

""An incredible blend of bittersweet orange, rosemary and rhubarb. It is the perfect Aperol substitute.""
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Oct 2020

""A new non-alcoholic British aperitif that uses zesty bitter orange, herbal notes of rosemary, rhubarb and a hint of clove to create a crisp and citrusy non-alcoholic alternative to a spritz.""
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Oct 2020

"“Wilfred’s mixes well with tonic to make a refreshing, pleasantly bitter-edged drink with complexity of flavour.”"
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Sep 2020

""Try Wilfred’s aperitif to make a spritz without getting sloshed.""
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Nov 2020


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