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About us

Founded in October 2020, Wycombe Chef’s Table is a purveyor of single spices & spice blends, as well as other fantastic pantry products.

About me

My name is Jules. I grew up in the family of a farmer and teacher with powerful respect towards animals and ingredients, with a zero-waste mentality. We were growing most of our fruits and vegetables, foraging mushrooms for preserves and picking berries for tarts and jams, my dad hunted for meat to cure and make sausages, picking medicinal plants for teas and herbal concoctions. Food was an experience, celebration, getting together. My dad loves to experiment, my mum master of the classics and me just being part of this all. It was no surprise when I chose tourism & hospitality college. During which, I started travelling and experiencing new flavours.

Why Spices

Now that I am a mother of two fantastic children, I cook more at home. We love to have friends and family over, and we enjoy surprising them with new flavours. It is incredible how with the food we can share our culture, our story. Making food together opens our hearts to each other.

Coming together and sharing a meal is the most unified experience.

During my travellings and my experiences in the restaurant business, I understood the importance of excellent quality of spice. I came to realise that spices open up so many possibilities in the kitchen; excite your imagination, and make any dish exciting.

No wonder! Spices were used for centuries and were considered as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, contribute rich flavour to food without adding any calories, fat, sugar or salt. Also, research is showing that spices contribute to health just as much as fruits and vegetables, providing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Present & Future

Here, at Wycombe Chef’s Table, we play with spices to create that perfect and exciting blend. The blend which will elevate any dish to the next level!

Our mission is to inspire at-home cooks to explore new flavour, new products and We are committed to sustaining and strengthening the company’s core values of delivering excellent quality, freshness, and variety.

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  • "“I just wanted to take the time to say that we tried the ras al hanout and the shichimi Togarashi and omg they are amazing!!!. I will be looking to order different ones. Just so impressed and our lamb and veg was so delicious!. Thank you!!”"
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  • "“Spices for everyone, easy to use as they are perfectly balance. Just an small quantities can change the flavour profile of you daily boring meals! Totally recommend.”"
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  • "“Wycombe Chef’s Table has a large array of wonderful spice blends. We especially love the Dukkah, which is great sprinkled on eggs, savoury breakfasts, hummus and salads. Great service and great taste, thank you!”"
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  • "“Wow! Amazing flavours, really quick delivery, made a lamb tagine last night winner!”"
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