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The Yogaline Journey

Brother and sister co-founders David and Amanda Sutcliffe independently discovered their passions for Yoga before coming together to create Yogaline.

David is a certified Yoga teacher. In 2016 David decided to quit the rat race of London finance and travelled to Bali for an intensive 3-month Yoga retreat. This experience was life-changing for him. A return to London followed but within weeks the call of Bali was too much and he decided to share his time between the two destinations - to live a more Yogic life.

Seeing how much David had gained from his yoga practice inspired Amanda to enrol in a beginner’s course at her local studio. She gained confidence knowing that she was supported by skilful teachers who could modify postures to work around her injury. She gained first-hand understanding of the importance of correct alignment for a safe & healthy practice. As a professional product designer Amanda leads product development at Yogaline, bringing her aesthetic expertise to the company.

Creating our mat:

David had the idea for the Yogaline mat during his yoga teacher training in Bali. The students were tasked with adjusting each other's alignment and then marking out their perfect hand and feet placement on their mats using masking tape. It seemed like the perfect way to make a new type of yoga mat.

This turned out to be the beginning of a long journey of research and experimentation, that would see us testing our concept on 100+ yogis, working with materials and techniques from more than 30 factories, before finalising the design of the Tailored Alignment Yoga Mat.

Amanda and David, founders of personalised yoga matsThe personalised yoga mat from Yogalinemats.comMarta with her personalised mat from

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  • "It looks great and provides the best grip of any mat I've tried. The alignment guides are really useful!"
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  • "Now more than ever it is important to protect the environment. I love the fact these mats are eco-friendly."
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  • "I feel great practicing on this mat. The grip is so good!"
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  • "I bought this mat for my sister, she loves that it is customised just for her. "
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Press Comments

"Fitness editor Meriam loves this mat for it’s grippy surface that keeps her feeling safe in downward dogs and planks. The mat also comes with alignment guides so you know where to place your hands and feet in postures, and it is PVC and paraben free making it that little bit better for the environment."
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Dec 2020

"This game-changing piece of kit calculates the optimum position of the hands and feet, allowing you to master that downward dog like a true yogi. With a super-strong grip and eco-friendly credentials, this mat is a one-of-a-kind investment."
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Feb 2020

"This game-changing yoga mat features bespoke alignment guides and monogrammed personalisation. Ain't no one walking away with yours!"
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Mar 2020

Women's Health

"The Yogaline mat will transform your yoga practice from 'Meh' to 'Magnificent'! "
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May 2020

Women's Fitness


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