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Zodiac yoga mat


The original astrological yoga mat

Defined by colour representing the four elements...

Fire, Water, Air & Earth.

Each mat has been specially designed for every sign of the zodiac with customised symbols and illustrations.

Our superior non slip natural rubber mats are made with materials from trees, making them cruelty free, vegan and non toxic.

A 4mm thickness makes our mats travel friendly whilst giving you plenty of comfort. All of our Zodimats come with a soft carry strap making it easy for you to take to class or to keep neatly rolled up at home.

The laser embossed designs on the mats are useful for hand and feet placements. Use the markers to help with your alignment so you are practising safely. Laser embossing means no nasty inky chemicals!

If you are new to yoga these are the grippiest mats you will find to help you develop your practice in a safe and comfortable way.

Zodiac yoga matZodiac yoga matZodiac yoga mat

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Terms and Conditions

Zodimats offers products that are intended and designed for use by individuals. We encourage our customers to understand that exercise is unique to each individual and therefore, not all programs and products are right for every person. Furthermore, utilising products from Zodimats can possibly result in injuries if used incorrectly.

Zodimats does not deliver medical claims or advice pertaining to our products. We advise our customers to consult a doctor or trained medical professional prior to beginning any new workout regime. Only when the doctor deems an individual medically cleared for exercise should they participate in exercise programs and utilise the products from Zodimats.

If you experience pain or extreme discomfort while using any items from our line of products, you should stop working out immediately. If the pain continues, seek medical attention. We encourage our customers to avoid forcing or straining the body during exercise to prevent injury.

Women who are menstruating or are pregnant should ask their physicians before using products from Zodimats. Our products are designed for adults and should not be used by children under the age of 10, unless there is supervision from an adult. Children ages four and under should not use our products.

Each customer bears the responsibility to keep all equipment clean and maintained properly. Please see our Mat Care Guide for information on how to keep your mat clean. Please do not continue using equipment that is broken or overly-worn. If any piece of the product becomes broken or loses its texture, this can increases risk of injuries.

The owners and employees of Zodimats make this disclaimer waiver against liabilities customers incurred when using Zodimats products and services. When you purchase products or services from our company, you agree to these terms and conditions, acknowledging that the way you use these products is at your own personal risk.

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